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August 8  |  Hurst Harbor Center  |  Races start at 10AM!

dragon boat


August 8 | Hurst Harbor Center



Bucks County Dragon Boat


The Canallers:

The NYS Canal Corp


Waterford Fire Department

breast cancer and dragon boats

Breast cancer survivors' dragon boating is an international movement. "It started nearly 20 years ago, when Canadian sports medicine specialist Donald C. McKenzie challenged the thinking that breast cancer survivors should refrain from strenuous activity. He inspired breast cancer survivors to come together on dragon boat teams because he believed it would benefit their physical health and social well-being. His research, published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, found 'an emerging hypothesis that dragon boating is a vehicle for improving women’s wellness and post-treatment quality of life.' More recent studies have proven the benefits of exercise after breast cancer treatment." (Excert taken from

Today, breast cancer survivors across the globe join together to paddle dragon boats. It is supported

internationally by the International Breast Cancer Paddlers' Commission. The International Breast Cancer Paddlers' Commission (IBCPC) "is an international organisation whose mandate is to encourage the establishment of breast cancer dragon boat teams, within the framework of participation and inclusiveness. We support the development of recreational dragon boat paddling as a contribution to a healthy life style for those diagnosed with breast cancer. As the breast cancer dragon boat movement grows internationally, we have a unique opportunity to raise awareness about the disease and about life after breast cancer. We know a full and and active life is possible. The International Breast Cancer Paddler's Commission (IBCPC) was created to spread this message. Together we are stronger, our voices are louder and the message is clearer." (Excert taken from

engagement opportunities



• exclusive logo placement
   on all promotional material       and race day signage
• repeated recognition by MC
   on day of event
• opportunity to bring a 10x10  tent on day of event for display
• includes one dragon boat
   entry into the race
• presentation of trophy to
   the race winner

• free practice session with           professional coach



• text placement on all                 promotional material
• logo placement on race
   day signage
• repeated recognition by MC     on day of event
• includes one dragon boat
   entry into the race

• free practice session with           professional coach



• 21 person dragon boat           provided to fill with a team     of your choice
• entry into at least two heats

   on race day

• free practice session with         professional coach

(The entry fee can be paid
by corporate check or fundraised seperately.)